NOTICE: It is with some sadness that I am notifying via our website that we will be closing down United Peace Relief. Due to changes in emergency management, a number of new efficient disaster nonprofits and a lack of new blood, the board of directors has agreed to close this nonprofit. Donations have all been distributed with a final support to The Feel Good Tour so they could respond with instruments to Kentucky.
United Peace Relief has a significant history going all the way back to Hurricane Katrina. Since that time, responses have been to several hurricanes, tornadoes, “superstorms” and numerous floods.
We want to thank all the volunteers, donors and other partnering nonprofits for your support over the years. And a special thank you to past board members for their time and energy.
The Facebook page will be up for a while and the website/email will be up until the end of the year. Feel free to post!!

Mission Statement

United Peace Relief volunteers will connect with vulnerable communities impacted by disasters to assess and facilitate the delivery of resources and services through informing and collaborating with other disaster relief organizations.
Vision Statement

Our vision is for survivors and volunteers to feel safe, supported and at peace in communities vulnerable to disasters.

Values Statement

United Peace Relief is committed to acting with integrity and openness while engaging volunteers and assisting survivors, and is compelled by a strong sense of justice to promote the empowerment and dignity of those it serves.


Join Us

United Peace Relief is looking for a few committed individuals to join our Board of Directors.  We need individuals with a strong belief in our mission and can commit to quarterly board meetings.  Are you passionate about disaster relief? Do you have expertise in social media, website design, or fundraising?  We need you!

Send an email to and tell us why you would be a great addition to our team.


Since 2005 UPR has supported the creation, development, training, and fundraising goals of many organizations that are now doing exemplary work “globally”  hosts Veterans Green Village and Green Bus.  UPR provided fiscal sponsorship, volunteers and was instrumental for these projects in the development of what is now Team Rubicon.  During Hurricane Sandy  UPR provided the FOB (forward operating base) to Rubicon, using the Veterans Bus which was funded and supported and developed under UPR leadership.

  • 2006 – 2013 Books to Kids. Over 100,000 books distributed in collaboration with Plenty Internatonal and directed by Jim Selin
  • 2007 Pax Christian
  • Partnering with Plenty; In Terrebonne Parish, working with Tribal leaders.  Plenty provided emergency distributions of food and clothing to some of the most impacted Biloxi-Chitimacha Indian families. Since 2008, thanks to the efforts of Plenty volunteer Elaine Langley and friends, the annual “Bayou Christmas” has provided toys, books, groceries and other aid to over 100 families.
  • Created Health and medical facilities to assist survivors and still do.
  • 2011 – 2017 Detroit – Working with community and local leaders for fiscal sponsorship and direct support and collaboration with Motor City Blightbusters
  • Hurricane Harvey, Sandy and many others.
  • 2010 Haiti Relief
  • Distributed musical instruments since 2005
  • Partnered with Organic Valley in multiple disaster areas

Current Projects:

Emergency Kitchens

UPR has collaborated directly with local, regional and national companies to provide wholesome food and hot meals to disaster areas since it’s inception  Most recently our collaboration with Organic Valley allowed us to provide comfort and provisions to victims of Gulf Coast disasters

Instruments for Relief

Since Hurricane Katrina, which flooded the homes of Many musicians and rusted many instruments, we have been involved with replacing and providing used and new instruments to survivors. We have supported many musicians in New Orleans, as well as many other survivors of Hurricanes around the globe.  UPR has supported The Feel Good Tour as it’s fiscal sponsor for over a decade and we are currently in New Orleans providing trumpets for multiple organizations, with the strong support of Blue Note recording artist, and trumpeter, Eddie Gale.